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Our History

Tri Point Centralindo is food service packaging manufacturer.  Established in 2007, Tri Point Centralindo is constantly expanding and diversifying the products varieties. Our product varies from styrofoam lunchboxes, bowls, plates, supermarket trays, plastic and cutleries.  The product diversities are meant to answer the food packaging solution and the demand of our valued customers.

Our factory is located on East Java, Indonesia, specifically in the main industrial area in Krian, Sidoarjo. The location of our factory is very strategic, which enables us to provide more efficient delivery inter cities and inter islands to our customers in all parts of Indonesia area.

Our main value is delivering the highest quality standard of food packaging to our customers.  The understanding of the quality is not only referring to the product’s quality, but also the entire package of our company’s quality to support the consistency of product quality and delivering the service that satisfy the needs of our customers.  Therefore, experienced food packaging designers, implementation of hygiene production system and most advanced production technology, continuous development of the management systems, well-trained staffs and highly responsive customer service, and timely logistic system are additional values that we prioritize.  These aspects reflect our disciplinary and focus in our business area to meet world-class standard. In this modern era where mobility and quick phased lifestyle are pursued, we believe our company provides food-packaging solution for every individual and food business industries in this modern lifestyle.

Our vision is being the leader and sets the highest standard for plastic food packaging that provides the solution for Indonesia market and internationally.

Our missions are:

  • Upholds and continuously increase the standard quality
  • Increase the production efficiency and being more effective in order to provide our valued customer with competitive pricing
  • Provide product and technology innovation that will increase the added value of our product
  • Building the competency and quality of human resource to a better service for our valued customers
  • Hygiene food packaging, unmatchable/unpaired/unparallel quality, continuous improvement and growth, answers and solutions for customer demands.

We take serious steps to maintain the quality and disciplinary of management, because we only seek a long-term business partnership with our customers.We are not the first in the industry, but we truly are the leader.

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